Why You Shouldn’t Negotiate Your Own Injury Settlement


As Americans we’re a resourceful bunch. We’re taught to take care of ourselves at a young age, fend for ourselves, don’t lean on others unless it’s necessary, and don’t take advantage of what we don’t deserve.

So, it’s no surprise then that many of us will roll up our sleeves and try to take on legal negotiations for ourselves when it comes to a personal injury. After all, it’s simply a discussion about what should be covered and addressed in a recovery.

If a person has all their bills, proof of injury, and receipts, how hard can that be? And that’s where people often make one of the most avoidable mistakes in an injury situation.

The fact is, Americans are also wedded to the legal system in every aspect of life. And that means companies, organizations and people all have access to legal counsel.

If a person even assumes to try to go into legal negotiations alone, he or she is simply setting up for failure. Attorneys are trained for years on how to argue and delay for clients, wearing down the other side until the cost is less or even avoidable.

When an attorney gets faced with a claim by the person himself without representation, the attorney for the responsible party practically giggles.

The same goes for claim adjusters if the person goes to insurance companies for responsibility of his injuries. Why? Because they both know the average person has no idea how complicated negotiations can get. It’s like throwing a kitten into a pool full of crocodiles and expecting it to swim to safety.

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