Tips for Choosing a Reliable Divorce Lawyer in Vancouver


It is possible to go through a divorce with the help of any lawyer, but if you want the process to be easy on you and your kids, it is best to hire the services of a reliable divorce lawyer. These legal experts are already familiar with the divorce procedures in your area and will be very helpful. The lawyer works to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from the divorce proceedings. Separation agreements, alimony payments, asset division, property ownership, child custody and visitation rights will be determined to a large extent by who you select to represent you. Here are some
tips to help you pick the right divorce lawyer in Vancouver for your specific

Ensure that the divorce lawyer you choose has been practicing family law in your area for a number of years. You want an attorney who is familiar with the divorce laws in your area. Lawyers who have been practicing family law for several years are likely to have handled cases similar to yours, so they will give you the best possible representation. Do not hire a lawyer who is fresh from college to represent you in a separation agreement.

Interview potential lawyers in person – a phone conversation is not enough, regardless of how reputable the lawyer is. You will be working with your lawyer throughout the divorce process and possibly after that, so choose someone you are comfortable with in person. If you are uncomfortable with a potential lawyer after meeting them, take your search elsewhere. Always follow your instincts when making this decision.

Also, make sure to hire a different divorce lawyer in Vancouver from your spouse whether the divorce is an amicable one or not. Each of the partners needs a lawyer who will be looking out for their interests alone. If you both use one lawyer, there is certainly going to be a conflict of interest in a number of issues that arise throughout the process. If your partner chooses to use your usual family lawyer, ensure that you hire a lawyer of your own who will look out for your interests alone.

Ask for References. You want to know what the other clients of a divorce lawyer you are interested in think of their services. Ask the lawyer for a few names and contact information of their past clients and get in touch with these clients to find out more about the lawyer in question. Ask how the lawyer treated them and whether or not they were happy with the outcome of the case. If these clients have good things to say about a potential divorce lawyer, then you are on the right path.

Finally, hire a divorce lawyer in Vancouver whose office is near your home or place of work. This is important because during the course of the divorce proceedings, particularly in the early stages, you might be required to meet with your lawyer a lot. Choosing a lawyer with a convenient location will reduce your travel expenses. It also saves you time when you have to meet with the lawyer in person.