Best Opportunities for the Perfect Legal Support in Child Custody


Family law represents a very important branch of Italian law to which the entire first book of the Civil Code is dedicated. The legislation is multi-faceted and complex, which is why there are many lawyers specializing in family rights, who carry out their activities by moving within this field. You need to be specific for these matters and so need the best support there.

The Basic Structure

The structure of this area of ​​law has had to evolve and change over time as a function of the renewed needs of the social reality: the very concept of “family” has changed a lot in recent decades.

Thus countless legislative measures have been taken that have modified and integrated the original discipline: this normative stratification has made the theme even more complex which, consequently, is easily accessible only to the most expert. With the best family lawyers for child custody for fathers both the divorce issue and the child custody issue can be equally solved.

Are you facing a divorce and looking for a family lawyer?

Do you need to separate from your partner and want to go to a law firm that specializes in family law to best defend your position? Have you decided to proceed with a civil partnership with your partner but don’t know how to do it?

  • The discipline of family law may relate to the relationships between the various components of the family unit, the division between the same of rights and duties, as well as the protection of particular positions that the law intends to protect.

The laws governing marriage therefore constitute the fundamental normative basis of this legal area. Both the establishment of the marriage bond and its dissolution are regulated by law and the choice of a good family lawyer can always be useful in preserving one’s rights. We must not overlook how each union also entails important patrimonial constraints and a bad management of the same can also cause serious consequences.

  • These problems emerge in an important way especially when the marriage is dissolved . When the couple decides to separate, whether a consensual or judicial separation takes place, it is essential for the spouses to rely on legal experts in order to better protect their respective positions.
  • The vicissitudes of marriage also have relevance with regard to the assignment of any children of the couple. On the occasion of a separation, in fact, it is necessary to decide whether to proceed with the joint or exclusive custody of the offspring and the rights and duties of the parents must be established in relation to the growth of the children once the separation (or divorce) has been pronounced.

A lawyer specialized in family law can also provide useful advice in the management of family businesses, as well as in the administration of patrimonial funds.

The Articulation of the Issues

The subject is however very articulated and requires a specific baggage of technical skills: it is advisable, therefore, to rely on lawyers experienced in family law, able to offer the necessary advice for their particular needs.